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Himalaya Pre Herbs Garcinia






Garcinia grows in India in the evergreen forests of the Western Ghats, the Southern Konkan region and in Goa. It is also cultivated in the Southern districts of Maharashtra and on the lower slopes of the Nilgiris mountains. The herb is known to lower lipid levels and assists in overall weight loss. Therapeutic constituents: The rind of the Garcinia fruit contains an active component called hydroxycitric acid (HCA), which supports normal fat and carbohydrate metabolism, healthy appetite levels and optimum body weight. Key therapeutic benefits: •A herbal formulation made from Garcinia is administered for rheumatism and bowel complaints. •The herb is also revered as a potent anti-obesity agent. The hydroxycitric acid from Garcinia blocks the production and storage of fat and cholesterol in the blood when calorie consumption exceeds healthy levels.

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